Yasmine & Muneera
Co-Founders of Maya Eco
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About The Designer

Maya Eco was co-founded in 2016 by two women, Yasmine AlShaheen and Muneera AlMulla, who combined their entrepreneurial and philanthropic backgrounds. Their brand creates sustainable pieces, made from eco-friendly and natural textiles that are consciously timeless in design.

About The Brand

Slow production is a core pillar of Maya Eco. Every collection is a considered and carefully measured process, built on sustainability. They work in reverse, sourcing all their fabrics before designing collections, and designing every piece to last through the seasons.

As the brand continues to grow, they pledge to maintain this practice.Maya Eco works closely with the local artisans in Egypt, championing their local skills. Since their first launch they have stayed dedicated to supporting the same locally owned factory in Egypt in order to sustain the lives of the local people and provide them with job opportunities.

From giving back to local communities to consciously designing all garments, Maya Eco promotes a fairer future, by supporting those that work within their supply chain.

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