Danah Behbehani
Founder & Designer at Kochylia
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About The Designer

Danah Behbehani is the founder and designer at Kochylia. She has been infatuated with silhouettes, color and styling since she was 8. While her fascination with fashion never faltered, the ethos & lifestyle of a typical fashion designer was not in line with the life she had envisioned for her self. Instead she pursued full-time education and careers first in engineering, and then in graphic design, whilst exploring various courses in fashion at CSM, LCF & SFD over those years.

The emergence of slow, ethical fashion & the pursuance towards sustainable wardrobes enticed her back to this industry.

She looks forward to dedicating her full-time to this profession, sharing her vision and creations. Her next collection drops in February 2023.

About The Brand

Kochylia is a slow fashion brand for the conscious woman looking to build an elegant, versatile and timeless wardrobe with proud pieces, leaving no waste.Our garments are carefully & intentionally designed to last, with the versatility to mix and match from our previous & future collections. Our pieces are manufactured locally with attention to detail that trickles down to the buttons; which are customized, handmade porcelain buttons designed and produced in Kuwait.

Adaptability and imagination are at the core of our process. We encourage you to continue to explore and reinterpret our creations.

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