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The name “Oud” comes from the scented essence of burning the agar wood, which reflects the luxurious lavish traditions of the Arabian Gulf region.

Oud Fashion Talks aims to create a fashion hub and hybrid portal between the worlds of local & international fashion. Avidly connecting fashion enthusiasts with prominent fashion icons making OFT the prime destination for an audience with a distinguished taste for luxury.

Combining the culture of Kuwait with the world of sustainable fashion, and sharing the country’s inclusivity and advancement in the creative field, Holding social events, educational panels, fashion presentations, and pop-up exhibitions.

Oud Fashion Talks’ objective is to bring international cultures together in the creative field to support the talents of local fashion designers and advance their role in the industry .

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Oud Fashion Talks offers sponsors and local fashion designers the opportunity to reflect on how we are shaping the world moving forward. By building bridges across cultures, disciplines and industries we can discover shared directions and goals. Apply now to join the community.

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