Anas Alomaim
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About The Designer

Anas Alomaim is an architect, jewelry designer, and a professor of architecture. Alomaim developed a passion for jewelry design during a critical moment in his career. After the death of his father, Alomaim stepped into a new phase of his life. He awakened anew to the relationships that connect him to the women in his family. Alomaim designed and manufactured solitaire rings for his mother and sisters as a gesture of gratitude for their support during this precarious time. It was then that he realized his passion for diamonds, jewelry design, and their multifaceted beauty. Alomaim believes that the art of design encompasses everything from a simple spoon to a city.

After finishing his Masters of Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University, he moved to California to pursue his PhD at the University of California Los Angeles. He worked on analyzing the geometries of structures that respect the larger laws of nature, constellation, and planets: namely, how mathematical equations translate physically on a Cartesian coordinate system into creating monumental objects. Alomaim participated and co-curated several exhibitions in Kuwait, Dubai, New York City, and Los Angeles. He also worked for academic institutions, corporate design firms, independent architectural offices, and interned with fashion designers, including Diane von Furstenberg.

About The Brand

Inspired by the architecture of the Arab world, every jewelry piece fashions a contemporary version of a traditional form. OŪMÄEM focuses on regionalist designs that aims to produce ethically sourced and locally made adorned pieces reflective of new identity. The design process takes abstract vernacular objects developed into new designs that follows constructed regulating lines in order to produce asymmetrical, yet balanced designs with a recognized identity. With architecture at the core of each design, mathematics, geometry, and scientific processes became the tools that makes the jewelry.

OŪMÄEM is a brand that celebrates diversity, unity, and inclusion in the form of a new unique tradition.

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