Nadeen and Yasmeen
Founders & Designers
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About The Designer

Nadeen was born in Kuwait in 2000. After graduating from high school, she went on to earn her BA in Finance in The Gulf University for Science and Technology, where she will graduate this July. Yasmeen was born in Kuwait in 2004. After graduating High School this year with Honors, she plans to earn a BA in Communication and Media in The American University of Kuwait. Since they were young girls, Nadeen and Yameen have had a love and admiration for fashion and the clothing industry.

They knew at a young age that creating clothes and sharing them with the world was their biggest dream. They made that dream a reality on August 2, 2020. While they appreciate the fashion industry and all its accomplishments, they were shocked to discover the amount of waste, unethical labour practices and harmful materials that the fashion industry has been exploiting for decades. Inspired by the need to make an impact, they decided that their brand would not partake in these damaging acts.

After a year of thoroughly researching the industry, they launched their first collection on January, 22, 2022. EEN Studios intends on designing ready-to-wear pieces that makes the modern woman look and feel her best.

About The Brand

EEN Studios is a sustainable and ethical womenswear brand based in Kuwait. Founded by Nadeen and Yasmeen AlBabtain in 2020, they discovered the harmful effects that the fashion industry has on the environment and the unethical methods that are used to develop garments. Each piece is unique and handcrafted by using natural fabric or discarded fashion waste that is then repurposed into new textiles.

The founders of EEN Studios’ main goal for the company is to show that luxury can be attained consciously and ethically.

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