Fawaz Alyaqout
Founder & Designer of Khalayat
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About The Designer

Fawaz AlYaqout was born in Kuwait in 1990 to a Kuwaiti father and Swiss mother. Since a very young age, he developed a passion for art, design and architecture. After acquiring his BA in graphic design in 2012 he was determined to pursue his dream to become a fashion designer. He completed his training in fashion design and technique at the renowned Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale in Paris in 2014, which is specialized in preserving the French patrimony of Haute Couture.

About The Brand

Khalayat was founded in Kuwait in 2016 by Fawaz AlYaqout and Khaled AlYaqout. Post Covid, the brand is officially run by Fawaz AlYaqout as its creative director, and regularly collaborates and executes all of its creations with
Amira Behbehani, a Kuwaiti fine artist who also owns an atelier focused on refined tailoring.

The brand’s mission is to create a contemporary fashion expression inspired by traditional clothes of the region, infused with other cultural influences from around the world. By merging cutting edge technology with traditional craftsman-ship, and experimenting with unique and rare materials, Khalayat is focused on creating timeless, ethical, and sustainable fashion with advanced architecture and craft.

The Khalayat client is modern, refined, and enjoys a strong identity and playful-ness through clothing.

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