Esraa Alfagaan
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About The Designer

Esraa Alfagaan is a Kuwaiti, computer engineer and a certified fashion designer. She started her fashion label since the age of 19, and has shifted to sustainable designing since 2019.

About The Brand

Phūla is a sustainable Kuwaiti womenswear brand founded by Esraa Alfagaan and established in 2013. PHŪLA Studio started in the beginning with handmade flower head-pieces and that’s where the name comes from. But after graduating as a Fashion designer in 2017, she found her love and passion for clothing and shifted to designing ethical, effortless ready-to-wear slow fashion silhouettes.

The Fashion world consists more than just the name, it is about the message behind it, andPHŪLA’s message behind these creations is to feel “Bold, Different, andConfident" while having to care about the environment.

The fabrication driven behind our designs, are mainly focused on using and discovering new eco-friendly techniques that are made with visible details to the eye, yet catches it. We combine these sustainable technologies, with recycled, up-cycled and bio-based materials.

Our aim is to create slow fashion garments that marry into an individual’s personality and their wardrobe as long as it takes, while helping them meet their climate commitments.

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